ENREGS and ENREGS personnel are committed to providing the expertise and experience to support our clients' long or short term needs -- whether it's one highly qualified individual or a team of professionals.


  • Weapon Programs Authorization Basis development
  • Technical Safety Requirement/Technical Specification development and review (Pantex, Wolf Creek, Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR), Sandia Pulse Reactor (SPR), Nuclear Materials Storage Facility (NMSF), TA-55, Callaway, Unicorn)
  • Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) development and review (Watts Bar, Palo Verde, Vogtle, Sequoyah, South Texas Project, Wolf Creek, ACRR, Auxiliary Hot Cell Facility (AHCF), Saturn, Kauai, Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test Facility (DARHT))
  • Justification for Continuing Operations (JCO) Development (JCOs that authorized restart of DARHT Firing Site Activities at LANL)
  • Safety Basis Supplement (SBS) Document development (at Sandia for movement of legacy containers)
  • Safety Evaluation Report (SER) development (SPR, SPR Special Storage Analysis, AHCF)
  • Facility/Operation Startup and Readiness Reviews (Wolf Creek, Pantex, Y-12, Savannah River Site, Burnup Criticality Experiments at Sandia)
  • Integrated Safety Management System Verification (Pantex, SNL)
  • Unreviewed Safety Question Determination (USQD) /50.59 Program development, implementation, oversight, and review (SNL, SRS, Wolf Creek, Sequoyah, Watts Bar)
  • Performance Trending (DOE Sandia Site Office, Y-12, LANL DX Division)
  • Issues Management Program development (DOE SSO, Y-12)
  • DNFSB Liaison Program development (SRS)
  • Verification Programs for SARs, Vendor Information, and Design Basis Documents (Watts Bar, Sequoyah)
  • Replacement part verification program (Peach Bottom)
  • Plutonium Processing Technology (LANL, SRS)
  • Chemical Hazards Identification and Analyses (Beryllium Technology Facility, Chemistry and Metallurgical Research Facility, TA-54, TA-55, LANSCE, RAMROD, Y-12, ORNL, WIPP, SRL, RFP, Hanford)
  • Appraisal planning and participation (DOE Contractor Performance Assessment Program for SNL and Kansas City)

Awards, Patents and Publications

  • DOE AL Quality Awards
  • Stockpile Stewardship Awards of Excellence
  • Research and Development R&D 100 Award
  • Patents and Publications
  • Detailed list available upon request


Support of Reactor, Non-reactor Nuclear, Non-nuclear, Accelerator, and Weapons Facilities including developing, revising, reviewing, and implementing safety documentation.

Safety and Hazard Analysis

  • SARs, HARs, SADs, SAs, HAs, FSAs, and BIOs
  • TSRs, OSRs, and Technical Specifications
  • Justifications for Continued Operations
  • Unreviewed Safety Question Determinations
  • SERs (including open item closure)
  • Authorization Basis Assessments
  • Nuclear Explosives Operations Hazards Analysis Reports
  • Design Basis Documents
  • Design Specifications
  • System Descriptions
  • Safety-related Equipment Lists

Safety Infrastructure

  • Integrated Safety Management Programs
  • Issues Management Programs (including Root Cause Analyses, Incident Investigation, Risk Prioritization, Technical Assessment, Occurrence Reporting, and Corrective Actions)
  • Price Anderson Amendment Act Programs
  • Risk Management Programs
  • Work Smart Standards, S/RIDs
  • Operational Readiness Reviews and Readiness Assessments


  • Processing Programs
  • Nuclear Explosive Safety Study Support
  • Waste Management Programs
  • Chemical and Radiological Processes
  • Position/Point/White Paper Development, and DNFSB Liaison Support
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