ENREGS, Inc. clearly understands that the link between technical know-how and successful contract performance is the most basic element of any organization - its people. There is no substitute for the combination of qualified, expert personnel and direct, proven experience. ENREGS personnel offer that winning combination. ENREGS has a reputation for providing high quality technical expertise in a number of specialized areas. We invest significant resources to:

  • Attract the best qualified personnel we can find in today's market.
  • Retain the highest quality staffs through performance-based rewards systems and supportive corporate culture.
  • Sustain the best staff through continued skill development, professional certification, and education to meet the demands of a complex and rapidly changing business environment.

We recognize the importance of not only finding, but keeping, quality people. We maintain our staff with:

  • Clearly defined career options
  • Equitable evaluation and promotion practices
  • Excellent benefits and compensation packages
  • Proper training for technical proficiency and career development
  • Fair personnel management policies

At ENREGS, we treat our employees with respect to establish a collegial work environment. We treat all of our employees as "key," even when their organizational positions are contractually classified "non-key." We realize that all duties, from highly technical to routine clerical functions, must be performed well for project success. We reward performance, teamwork, and professional development. This complete package promotes job satisfaction and, thus, stability in the work force of skilled professionals who have chosen career paths with ENREGS.

ENREGS is committed to providing the expertise and experience to support our clients' long- or short-term needs, whether it's one highly qualified individual or a team of professionals. Cognizant of our clients' technical interests and the cost objectives, we carefully evaluate and match available personnel within our company to the scope of work, experience qualifications, and skill level categories, assigning employees to specific project tasks with the strongest person-to-position fit and on-the-job experience available. By keeping overhead and general infrastructure expenses low, ENREGS is able to pass on competitive rates to our clients, thus assuring a "Best Value."

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